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Rediscovering an icon from a guitarist’s heart! The Groover isn’t just a guitar for classic rock; it’s the embodiment of Ramos’ soul and technique. We’ve taken the essence of the iconic Stratocaster and elevated it, perfecting every detail according to our highest standards of quality and sound. The outcome is an instrument that not only provides you with unparalleled sound balance but also comfort that allows for hours of play. As a guitarist, I know that finding that one guitar that truly resonates with you is a journey; The Groover might just be that musical companion you’ve been seeking.



Body : Alder
Top : No
Pickguard : White Pearl
Finish : Nitro
String gauge : 010-046


**Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in customizing this model.

Neck : Hard Maple
Fretboard : Ebony
Radius : 10″-14″
Frets : Jescar 51108 – 22 trastes Inox – .108″ X .051 (2.75 X 1.30 mm)
Scale : 25.5″


**Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in customizing this model.

Electronics: Volume, tone, 5 way Superswicht
Output : Switchcraft
Pickups : Ramos Custom Pickups


**Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in customizing this model.

Tuners : Gotoh
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original


**Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in customizing this model.

How to purchase your Groover

Available by order

We typically don’t have stock, so it will be a custom fabrication.

Ask about the delivery plan; it usually varies depending on the workload.

We don’t keep stock, which is why it’s impossible to immediately purchase this guitar. We prefer to talk to you and define how your model will be. It’s simple, just send us a message through the contact form and tell us what changes you want to make.

The photos show different configurations but are only a guide. If you decide to buy it, you can pay the full amount directly or just a 35% deposit; at this point, your instrument will be added to the production list. The remaining payment will be made before shipping.

In case of canceling the order, the advance payment will never be refunded because once the instrument enters the production chain, there are administrative and management expenses that cannot be avoided.

Limited warranty

Limited Warranty for Instruments by Ramos Custom Guitars

1. Warranty Coverage:

This limited warranty applies to all instruments manufactured by Ramos Custom Guitars. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship, excluding third-party components and materials, under normal use and maintenance conditions.

2. Warranty Duration:

The duration of this limited warranty will be specified in the warranty certificate included with the purchase of each individual instrument. It’s essential to present this certificate along with the original purchase receipt for any claim.

3. Exclusions:

a. Damages due to misuse, accidents, unauthorized modifications or repairs. b. Natural wear and tear of the instrument, including scratches, dents, and wear of varnishes and finishes.
c. Damages related to exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or dryness.
d. Components and materials supplied by third parties. These may have their own warranties provided by their respective manufacturers.
e. Instruments not purchased through an authorized distributor or directly from Ramos Custom Guitars.

4. Claim Procedure:

If you believe your instrument has a defect covered by this warranty, you should contact Ramos Custom Guitars or the authorized distributor where the purchase was made. It’s essential to present the warranty certificate and the original purchase receipt for any claim.

5. Remedies:

Ramos Custom Guitars, at its discretion, will repair or replace any instrument showing defects in materials or craftsmanship at no cost to the original owner, excluding third-party components and materials. If the instrument is no longer available or has been discontinued, a replacement of comparable value will be provided.

6. Transportation:

Costs related to transporting the instrument for repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the owner. Ramos Custom Guitars will cover the return shipping costs once the repair or replacement is completed.

7. Liabilities:

This warranty supersedes any other warranty, whether explicit or implicit. The total liability of Ramos Custom Guitars is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing the instrument, excluding third-party components and materials.

8. Transferability:

This warranty is non-transferable and is valid only for the original owner of the instrument.

Note: Keep your warranty certificate and purchase receipt in a safe and accessible place, as they are fundamental for any warranty-related claim.

Thank you for trusting the quality and craftsmanship of Ramos Custom Guitars! We are committed to your complete musical satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in our lutherie workshop, we offer manufacturing and customization services for left-handed guitars. We understand that every musician has unique needs, and we are committed to providing instruments that perfectly accommodate each individual. Left-handed guitarists can choose from a variety of models and customization options to ensure their guitar is comfortable and performs optimally. Moreover, our expert luthiers are here to advise you at every step of the process, ensuring that your guitar is built and set up to meet your specific requirements. Of course, we also provide a range of repair and maintenance services for left-handed guitars, ensuring your instrument is always in top condition.

Yes, we offer shipping services to many countries around the world, including yours. We strive to ensure that our instruments arrive safely and on time, no matter where you are located. Our team carefully packs each guitar and bass to ensure its protection during transit. Additionally, we work with reputable shipping companies to provide a reliable delivery service. You can get more details about our shipping services, rates, and delivery times by contacting us directly or by visiting the shipping section on our website. We also provide shipping tracking so you can know exactly when your instrument will arrive.

We do not provide a price list online. We value personalized interaction with our customers as it allows us to better understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. For this reason, we invite you to visit our workshop where our expert luthier will be happy to provide you with a detailed price list and discuss your specific needs regarding the construction or repair of electric guitars and basses. By visiting our workshop, you will also have the opportunity to see our work up close and discuss your ideas in detail.

Yes, we offer custom inlay services for electric guitars and basses. We understand that inlays are a wonderful way to add a unique and personal touch to your instrument. Our expert luthier has the skill and experience to create beautiful and detailed inlay designs according to your specifications. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for advice to create something truly unique, we would be delighted to help you achieve the vision you have for your instrument. We invite you to visit our workshop to discuss your custom inlay ideas and see how we can make them a reality.

Yes, we offer fanned fret construction for electric guitars and basses. This fret design allows for more balanced string tension and improved intonation across the instrument’s fretboard. It’s a great option for musicians looking for enhanced playability and comfort, especially on instruments with extended tuning ranges or multiple scales. Our expert luthier has the necessary experience to design and build fanned fret instruments precisely, ensuring optimal performance and sound. We invite you to visit our workshop to discuss this option and how we can customize your instrument to meet your musical expectations and needs.

Yes, we are official installers of the Buzz Feiten System and offer its installation on electric guitars and basses. This system is recognized for improving the instrument’s intonation and providing more accurate playability. Our expert luthier, as an official installer, has the training and experience necessary to precisely install the Buzz Feiten System, ensuring that your instrument sounds and plays optimally. We invite you to visit our workshop to discuss the installation of this system on your guitar or bass and how it can enhance your musical experience.

Currently, our electric guitars and basses are only available for purchase at our workshop. We have made the decision not to work with distributors to avoid inflating the price, ensuring that we can offer you a fair and accessible price. Additionally, by purchasing directly from our workshop, you will have the opportunity to interact with our expert luthier, who can provide personalized advice and answer any questions you may have about our instruments. We invite you to visit our workshop to explore our range of products, discuss any customizations you desire, and experience the unique quality and sound of our electric guitars and basses.

Yes, you can definitely request a custom model. We specialize in building bespoke electric guitars and basses, and are delighted to work with you to create the instrument of your dreams. Our expert luthier will advise you throughout the process, from selecting woods, colors, finishes, hardware, to the electronic and design specifications you desire. We invite you to visit our workshop to discuss your ideas and specific requirements, and together, we will design a unique instrument that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Unfortunately, due to the size and capacity of our workshop, we are not in a position to offer endorsement or sponsorship programs at this time. We are a small workshop and our priority is to maintain quality and personalized attention in the construction and repair of electric guitars and basses. Although we highly value the talent and passion of musicians, we currently do not have the necessary resources to sustain an endorsement program. However, we would be delighted to work with you on creating the instrument you desire. We invite you to visit our workshop to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve the sound you are looking for.

For custom orders of guitars or electric basses, once the order has been confirmed and the construction process has begun, we cannot accept cancellations due to the personalized nature of the work and the administrative costs involved. However, for instruments that we have in stock, you can cancel your order up to 2 days before shipment without incurring any cost. To cancel an order, we invite you to contact us directly through our website’s contact form, by email, or by calling our workshop during business hours. Our goal is to provide a satisfying shopping experience, and we are here to assist you at every step of the process.

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