Ramos Guitars & Basses

Kevster DeLuxe

2975 €

VAT included if applicable.

Available upon request.

We normally don’t make stock,so this guitar is a custom made.
Building time is currently 10-12 months.

Product Description

Body Wood: Roasted Alder
Top Wood: Flame Maple
Neck Wood: Figured maple
Fingerboard Wood: Pau Ferro
Radius: 10″ to 14″
Frets: 22 Inox
Scale Lenght: 25.5″
Tuners: Gotoh SG381 lock

Bridge: ABM3256
Pickguard: No
Electronics: 3 way switch, Volume, Tone.
Output: Switchcraft
Pickups: Bare Knuckle Mississipi Queen
Finish: Poliurethane
String Gauge: 010-046
Case: Bag


In order to improve your Custom model we offer some options with no extra cost:

Body Wood: Alder, Spanish Cedar, Roasted Alder
Neck Wood: Maple, Figured Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Maple, Pau Ferro, Ebony
Radius: Compound or single
Frets: 22 Inox or Nickel
Pickups: Ramos Handwound Pickups
Finish: Poliurethane, Nitrocellulose
String Gauge: You choose

Other options with extra cost:

Top: Quilted maple, Flamed Maple, Spalted Maple…ask us about your preferences.
Neck Wood: Ask us about your preferences.
Fingerboard Wood: Ask us about your preferences.
Scale Lenght: Baritone, Fanned fret.
Pickups: Ask us about your preferences.
Electronics: Ask us about your preferences.
Bridge: Ask us about your preferences.
Inlays: Sent us your design.
Case: Hiscox with Ramos Logo

How to Purchase Your Custom Kevster DeLuxe

As we have said previously, we do not make any stock instruments so no guitars are available immediately. Instead, we prefer to talk with you and build a truly custom guitar…made for YOU!

To start building your custom Ramos today, simply send us a message under the “Ask Us!” tab or filling out our “Contact” with your specs and what you would like to see in your guitar.

The pictures are only used for reference to help guide your inspiration.

Once the specifications of your guitar are finalized a minimum 35% deposit is required to begin the build process. When your deposit is received your guitar will be entered on the Build List. The remainder of your payment is required upon completion and before shipment of your guitar.

You are more than welcome to pay the full amount up front as well. This will insure no delays in getting the guitar to you once it is completed.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to email us or visit our shop!

Limited Warranty

·Each instrument manufactured in Ramos Guitars includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty ,however the guarantee will only be provided by Ramos Guitars and affects exclusively to the first original purchaser of the instrument.

·Ramos Guitars ensures that the instrument acquired is a piece of the highest quality and therefore liable for manufacturing defects arising during the life of the instrument,provided that the treatment of the instrument has been adequate.

·The warranty will be voided by misuse of the instrument or if is detected that you have not been given the appropriate care.

·Ramos Guitars will replace any piece of hardware included in the instrument within warranty time (see on the website of each manufacturer)if will be deteriorate or spoil,as long as it is treated properly and has not been misused. No piece of hardware will be replaced by environmental problems,such as living in extreme areas (Desert,Snow ,Beach ,etc…).

·Shall be forfeited if any change is detected at the instrument that has not been done by Ramos Guitars or any authorized center to it.

·The defects caused by accident or exposure to extremes are excluded.

·The varnish is completely excluded from the guarantee.

·The right to claim is possible as long as it is certified that you are the original purchaser. Must be submitted the invoice of purchase.

Ask us !!



  1. Do you make guitars for lefties?
    Of course, without any additional cost.
  2. Do you send to my country?
    Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping insurance and hard case are available upon request, but I recommend it for overseas delivery.
  3. Do you have a price list?
    Each instrument in this website or any of our social networks is a custom and personalized order. Our policy is to be focused on your particular needs, so prices vary depending on particular requests made by the musicians.  This is a real obstacle to organize a conventional price-list since our services also includes project design, personal assistance and so on…
  4. Do you have a color chart?
    Not yet, but we are working hard to make it available very soon. In this regards, we would like to mention that we use top quality dyes, varnishes and paints. Also, it is important to take into account that final color is affected by different factors such as color and type of wood and makes almost impossible to guarantee the final result.
  5. Do you offer custom inlays?
    Yes, it is part of our expertise. Contact us and let us to know your ideas and designs. This helps enormously the success of the project since we can get what are you thinking and looking for.
  6. Do you offer Fanned Frets?
    Yes, we are totally agree of this system, especially in basses with 5 or more strings. We believe that it is an indispensable system to maintain correct tensions. Contact us if you are interested and we explain what it is and what its benefits are.
  7. Install Buzz Feiten system?
    Yes, we are one of the authorized centers by Buzz Feiten as a certified guitar builder to install the Buzz Feiten in our handcrafted instruments. In this regard, we would like to highlight that Buzz Feiten can only be installed by authorized centers. Please, check out  the list of authorized builders worldwide in the Buzz Feiten official website  www.buzzfeiten.com
  8. Where I can purchase your guitars?
    Through this website, at a Guitar show or in my workshop. Of course, any order by e-mail is also attended.As already mentioned, stock is limited since our instruments once are delivery after being built. So please, fill the form and we will immediately contact to define, refine and discuss till the smallest detail with you with the only goal you to be fully satisfied with the final instrument.
  9. Can I request a custom model ?
    Yes, we offer the possibility of customizing any of our models. Based on a raw standard series we can adapt the instrument to your particular needs or desires. At this point, a close discussion is specially important.
  10. How can I get an endorser?
    Very sorry, the answer is NO. The company policy is that musicians should play because they are convinced and confident with our work. Special offers can be attended and always subjected to a signed formal agreement between parties. Last but not least, under no circumstances will an instrument be sent free of charge.