Ramos Guitars & Basses


Unfortunately, my passion for the luthiery is not based in tradition. In my family, the music always went unnoticed. I’m not the grandson or son of luthier, nor do I spring from a line of ancestral musicians, and so, my relationship with the guitar arose a little bit later in life, thanks to a dear friend.   From this introduction, I decided to take guitar lessons, but in the next years I saw that my hands were not made to be musician- but I soon discovered that my hands did have a special touch with the guitar outside of performance.

When I started upon my craft about thirty years ago, there were no luthier schools in this country, and even today, there are few luthiers with aims to help and share their knowledge. The secrets within the sector of this country, forced me to investigate by myself and carry out my practices with my own instruments.  In this time, I made wooden molds for the plastics industry, which helped me acquire the knowledge that guided me to my future.

Why do I make musical instruments…? The spirit within raw materials and my passion towards music compel me to create tools for musicians that delight my ears with unmatched pieces. This way of being, the essence of my being, requires precision in details that are almost sick in their precision.

The entire process of making the instrument is conducted in my workshop, from the first cut of wood to the last note that I bring from the instrument before being delivered to the musician. This ensures that the instrument we deliver is of the exceptional and consummate quality.