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Luthier - José Ramos

Craftsmanship is my way of honoring music, creating authentic instruments that sing with passion in the hands of musicians.

Hello! My name is José Ramos and I am the founder and master luthier at Ramos Custom Guitars, located in Barberà del Vallès, province of Barcelona. With decades of experience in crafting and repairing guitars and basses, I have dedicated my life to perfecting this fascinating craft.

My journey as a luthier in Barberà del Vallès began during a time when information and training were not as readily accessible as they are today, thanks to the internet. Back then, the quest for knowledge was a challenge in itself, but my passion and determination drove me to overcome these hurdles. Meticulously studying various tonewoods and experimenting with guitar building techniques, I became a self-taught artisan in this trade. Every guitar that passed through my hands was an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Today, owing to those years of dedication and study, I take pride in being a profound connoisseur of tonewoods and their influence on the sound of musical instruments. I understand the importance of selecting the right tonewoods for each project, contributing to the creation of exceptional custom guitars and basses in the province of Barcelona.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with talented and passionate musicians, providing professional repair services and crafting personalized guitars and basses. My clients have been a constant source of inspiration and learning, and their feedback and suggestions have been pivotal in my development as a luthier. Every new project is an exciting challenge and an opportunity to surpass my own limits.

At Ramos Custom Guitars, my aim is to craft instruments that are not only an extension of musicians’ creativity but also pieces of art in their own right. Each custom guitar and bass that leaves my workshop is unique and meticulously crafted with precision, showcasing the highest-quality artisanal work. I am excited to continue growing and evolving as a luthier, providing the highest level of professional repairs and crafting bespoke instruments that inspire you and help you achieve your artistic goals.

Guitar and bass luthier in Barcelona

Thank you for visiting Ramos Custom Guitars and for being a part of this exciting musical adventure!

Why do I make handmade instruments?

I believe in the magic of musical craftsmanship. In my workshop, each part of the instrument comes to life through a meticulous process. From the selection of woods to construction and finishing, every detail is carefully attended to. The result is a unique instrument with a profound connection between musician and instrument.

Craftsmanship is my way of honoring music and creating instruments that are authentic expressions of musical art. Each piece of the instrument is crafted with passion and expertise, from wood carving to final assembly. The result is an instrument that sings with authenticity in the hands of a musician.


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